Sarah Elizabeth Eagar, Florence Eagar Roberts and Aline Badger Carter

Sarah and Robert Eagar House, 1866. Sarah Elizabeth Riddle was born in 1842 on the site where the Aztec Theater now stands. John H. Kampmann was commissioned in 1866 to build their house at 434 S. Alamo. Sarah lived 105 years, witnessing the growth of a frontier town to a modern city. As a child, whe was taken by the Comanche and shortly returned after an exciting horseback adventure (audio attached).

Florence Eagar Roberts (1867-1969), one of Sarah's three daughters, lived in the house until her 100th birthday before moving due to the development of HemisFair '68. Florence, an accomplished local artist under Onderdonk, was the first custodian of the Alamo under the DRT.

Aline Badger Carter (1892-1972), Sarah's granddaughter, was born in this house. She married prominent attorney H.C. Carter and moved to the Maverick Carter House where she raised three boys. Aline became an accomplished Poet Laureate of Texas and taught astronomy from her rooftop observatory (link below).

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