Jose H. Perez

April 21st, 1941 - August 14th, 2020

It is only fitting to plant a tree in honor of Jose H. Perez, who himself planted thousands of trees throughout the area, as a landscaper, nurseryman, and tree farmer. He planted them for shade, shelter, and beauty. This tree is for him, so that his wise and thoughtful manner, his love as a husband and father, and success as a businessman will continue to comfort all who sit under its exquisite branches. He was born poor, traveled as a migrant farmworker, graduated high school, served in the US Army, and married his true love, Manuela Pardo. Together, they raised five kids and founded Fairway Landscape & Nursery. His tenacity and a keen eye for opportunity led to success.

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Jose H. and Manuela P. Perez Family