Esther and Nathan Alterman

While on a visit from her home in Philadelphia to visit an aunt in San Antonio, Esther was sent on a blind date with Nathan Alterman, a young electrical contractor. Instant electricity and soon they were married in 1928 and raised a family of 2 boys and 1 girl. It was a marriage lasting for 43 years until Nathan’s death in 1972. Nathan had started an electrical contracting firm in 1923 and through the difficult years of the 30s and WWII the business grew to support them and send their children to college, a privilege neither had been able to experience. Nathan’s office was near what is now River Center Mall and daily he made the walk to the Market Square often picking up small jobs. He became known as the Mayor of Houston St. as he knew all the merchants along the way. When a new store was coming or a remodel on the horizon, he was the one who was called. Together they were active in both the religious' and secular communities volunteering in many organizations.

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