Gayle Perron

Gayle Perron lived her life from a perpetual place of gratitude. Fighting cancer for 27 years gave her the perspective of what was important, her family and her faith. She loved good food, but hated exercise unless it was dancing to music from the 50’s. She valued traditions, no matter how small, like starting a road trip with Willie Nelson’s song On the Road Again. She was a good judge of character, evident in her cherished tight-knit childhood girlfriends who stepped up for her daughters when she passed away. She was loved dearly by her husband who made her laugh throughout their marriage, surprising her with a wedding renewal ceremony and buying her the ridiculously enormous stuffed bear in the Neiman Marcus window. She created a home where not only we felt loved, but also our friends and boyfriends, whom mom just adopted. She taught us to be polite and courteous, but not at the expense of ourselves. As a woman, it's okay to advocate for yourself.

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