2022 Spring Appeal Tree Donors

This Mexican Sycamore tree was planted in honor of Hemisfair's 2022 Spring Appeal Tree Donors. Hemisfair is grateful for their generous contributions to provide beauty and shade throughout the park and for helping to create one of the world's great public places!

Donated by

Alli & Danny Kustoff, The Alfred S. Gage Foundation, Ann Griffith Ash, Geoff and Kim Baldwin, Robert Buchanan, Sonny Collins and Penelope Speier, Jim and Gena Daniels, Michael Davis, Doug and Mary Earle, Gary and Carmen Fitts, Jo Ann Andera, Libba Barnes, John and Courtney Beauchamp, Dorothy Berend, Jim Bourne, John and Lauren Browning, Robert and Jacki Bucci, Bill and Lisa Campbell, Rick and Suzanne Cavender, Patricia Cerisola, Mary Alice Chiscano, Joe Chodash, Pete O. Cruz, Jr, Chuck Cureau, Karen Davis, Larry and Kellene Davis, Carolyn Dublin, The Gambrinus Company, Christine Luna-González, Larry and Paulette Goodman, Richard Green II and Nora Peterson, Andrew Grohe, Joseph Guyer, Bob and Sandra Heyen, Joe and Kate Imber, Chris Karcher and Karen Keach, William B. Kelly, Tres and Olive Anne Kleberg, Robert and Carolyn Klein, Gary and Virginia Koehl