All of San Antonio

In 2017, the Tree Heroes of San Antonio demonstrated remarkable community spirit by joining forces to save 31 magnificent trees from demolition. Recognizing the deep-rooted value of these trees as living symbols of the city's heritage and natural beauty, these dedicated donors spearheaded efforts to transplant them to Hemisfair.

 Now gracing Hemisfair, these rescued giants stand as enduring testaments to the power of collective action and environmental stewardship. Their presence enriches the park's landscape, offering shade, beauty, and a reminder of the Tree Heroes' commitment to preservation. Thanks to their foresight and generosity, these trees will continue to flourish and inspire for generations to come, embodying the lasting impact a united community can have on its environment.

Donated by

Karl and Rachel Brehm, Sue Ann Pemberton, Travis and Shannon Perry, Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust, The Alfred S. Gage Foundation, Anonymous, John and Ruth Agather, Bruce and Laura Akright, Stuart Allen, Lewis and Tracie Andrews, David Armendariz and Marisol Perez, Ann Griffith Ash, The Burdine Johnson Foundation, Beldon Roofing Company, Pamela Bain, Geoff and Kim Baldwin, Steve and Anne Ballantyne, Alex and Gretchen Bealer, Tracey Bennett, Ed and Twyla Benson, Karen Bishop, Stephen and Linda Blount, Anthony Bowman, Garie and Dixie Boyd, Pamela Bradley, Cade Bradshaw, Jim and Molley Branton, Craig Browning, Don and Lisa Cohick, Lew and Laura Moorman, Lanham and Dacia Napier, Dan A. Naranjo, Veronica Nino, Lisa Nungesser, Cynthia O'Conner, Bill Orr and Jana Orsinger, John and Kate Park, Lou and Eileen Parker, Chuck and Anne Parrish, Leo Perron, John and Angela Pettit, Roger L. and Laura D. Zeller Foundation, Robin Raquet, Katie Reynolds, Andrea (Andi) Rodriguez, Gloria Rodriguez, San Antonio Dance Umbrella, The Steves Foundation, The Smothers Foundation, Erick and Josie Schlather, Bob and Nancy Shivers, David and Susan Shorr, Sherrie Skeans, William Smith, Ted and Annie Snider, Steve and Judy Speakes, Jack and Cathy Spector, Elsie Steg, Roger Tavares, Lara Flynn and Donald Thomas, David and Celine Thomasson, Keith Toney, Ricardo Hernandez and Laura Vaccaro, George and Jill Vassar, Jeff and Catharine Vexler, Monica Villareal, The William and Salomé Scanlan Foundation, Michele Walsh, Joanne Moore Walsh, Gary Weaver, Brigitte West, Peter and Julie Zacher, Mollie Steves Zachry