The Sosa and Chapman Families

Actually we are planting this tree in our own memories. We donated this tree because when the time comes, we would rather people come and stand beneath a beautiful tree than visit gravestones. As former San Antonio businesspeople turned full time artists, we have lived, loved, worked and made art within steps of this tree off and on for the better part of forty years and with luck we will do so a good while longer. Lionel, who was born in San Antonio, knew this area pre-world's Fair when it was a neighborhood. Kathy first stood on this spot as a teen during Hemisfair '68, the year she arrived in SA. We both lamented through the decades that these grounds lay forgotten and abandoned and rejoiced when City Leaders finally decided to bring it back from the dead. Since then we have enjoyed the perks of Hemisfair's resurrection: parks, playgrounds, restaurants, events, on a daily basis and there is nowhere we'd better like to be rooted for the ages than right here.


Donated by

Lionel and Kathy Sosa