Nicolas Francois de la Garza Newkirk

July 8th, 2003 - March 27th, 2021

With this majestic Southern Live Oak tree we honor the life of Nicolas Francois de la Garza Newkirk. Nicolas entered Heaven at the tender age of 17, a tremendous loss for his family and for his wide circle of friends. Nicolas was compassionate, tender hearted, thoughtful, intentional, and a joy to all who knew him. He was the 10th generation descendant of Spanish conquistador Captain Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon, the Colonizer of South Texas. In 1766, Captain de la Garza Falcon established a settlement in present day Nueces County which served as a garrison for Spanish soldiers protecting other colonists that followed. With family roots firmly planted and a deep respect for his heritage, Nicolas left a legacy of kindness. He wanted nothing more than peace for those around him. Whether you are a newcomer to Texas, a visitor, or like Nicolas, a descendant from generations of Tejanos, we pray that this tree offers you refuge from the heat, beauty for today, and hope for the future.

Donated by

Luis de la Garza and Sherry Hatcher